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Toya Pakeh

  • Dive Type: Reef, Drift, Shark, Ambiance, Macro, Turtles, Molas
  • Max Depth: 30m
  • Avg Depth: 15m
  • Visibility: 20+m usually
  • Level required: Open Water / CMAS*
  • Description: Depending on currents, usually the dive starts at the south end of the bay. Descend there along a mooring and flow along the amazing landscape of Toyapakeh drifting northwards. The richest area is between 12m and 20m. Go along and around the large coral bommies to find the riches of  the site. Make sure you don’t flow beyond the pier as the site stops there!


  • Advantages: Considered by many dive professionals (including us) as the single best dive site in and around Bali. The profusion of colours, life, be it in small or large size, the quality of coral… Just the best around, not to miss!
  • Activities: Photo, Video, Dive Training, Orientation, Drift, Fish ID
  • Marine Life: Mola-mola can be sighted there at the right season, enormous giant trevallies, napoleon wrasse, blue-fin trevallies, very large puffers, ribbon eels, interesting coral formations, mantis shrimps, beautiful nudibranchs and a variety that basically encompasses pretty much all the other dive sites’ fauna and flora!