The Drop Off

  • Dive Type: Wall, deep
  • Max Depth: 60m
  • Avg Depth: 25m
  • Visibility: 10m to 25m, depending on wind and lay-off from the land
  • Level required: Advanced Open Water / CMAS** at the absolute minimum
  • Description: Tulamben bay, approx 500m Southeast of the Liberty wreck, close to the temple. Easily visible thanks to a rocky point protruding from the water at the end the bay. Main wall is formed by the westernmost side of one of three coral covered lava spurs. It has a rugged and uneven structure, but is exceptionally rich. It is worth rounding the corner to explore the ‘a bit less’ rich areas of the small middle reef and the easternmost reef.


  • Advantages: Accessibility for a deep dive, coral and sponge life, little to no current.
  • Activities: Marine Biology, Photography, Deep
  • Marine Life: Large sponges, trademark gorgonian at 30m, bushy black coral, morays, bumphead parrotfish if you are lucky, soft coral crabs, octopus, schools of damsels, anthias, hawkfish and many small reef fishes.