The Blue Lagoon

  • Dive Type: Ambiance, reef, photo, video
  • Max Depth: 25m
  • Avg Depth: 6-12m
  • Visibility: 15m to 25m, depending on swell, surge and wind.
  • Level required: Open Water / CMAS*, DSD’s are usually conducted on this site.
  • Description: This site is situated just in front of the eponym beach just north of Padang Bai. Lagoon is probably a wrong description, small protected bay would be a better one. The site has two moorings, at 3m and 6m where you descend onto a sandy patch. Many bommies, large and small, scattered around the sandy area. It is a plateau from 4m until 9m-10m and then slopes more abruptly beyond and very deep! The interest of this dive site is that amongst the sand, the bommies and the rubble there is an amazing amount of juvenile fish that try to hide around.


  • Advantages:  Very easy dive site, excessively easy access, shallow for most of the site, little to no current.
  • Activities: Dive intro, Dive training, Photo, Exploration, Fish ID, Night diving on the search for sharks!
  • Marine Life: Garden eels, ribbon eels, morays, cowfish, sweetlips, cuttlefish, squid, filefish, crocodilefish, flounders if you have the eye! Juvenile rock mover wrasse, jv. yellowtail coris, spadefish, stingrays, rarely some pipefish, beautiful nudibranchs, octopus, barracuda, dartfish… Whitetip reef sharks by night!!