Tanjung Sari

  • Dive Type: Reef, ambiance, macro
  • Max Depth: 18m
  • Avg Depth: 6-12m
  • Visibility: 15m to 25m, depending on swell, surge and wind.
  • Level required: Open Water / CMAS*
  • Description: This site is situated just south of the Blue Lagoon, it can be combined into the Blue lagoon dive, it also has a mooring at 7m deep in the centre of the site. It is constituted of a plateau between 5 and 8-9m, in the northern part of the site there is a huge coral formation that you can swim around. The closer part to shore might have some swell if there are waves on the surface. Large bommies with a large array of coral formations all around them. If you go beyond the plateau onto the slope, there are some rocks with coral and on the floor, loads of small stuff, good for macro shooting and random species!


  • Advantages:  Very easy dive site, excessively easy access, shallow for most of the site, little to no current.
  • Activities:  Dive training, Photo, Exploration, Fish ID, Night diving on the search for sharks!
  • Marine Life: Garden eels, ribbon eels, morays, cowfish, sweetlips, cuttlefish, squid, filefish, crocodilefish, juvenile rock mover wrasse, jv yellowtail coris, spadefish, stingrays, rarely some pipefish, beautiful nudibranchs, octopus, barracuda, dartfish, turtles if you are a bit lucky, napoleon, scorpion fish, stonefish… Whitetip reef sharks by night!!