Seraya Secret

  • Dive Type: Ambiance, macro
  • Max Depth: 20m
  • Avg Depth: 10m
  • Visibility: 10m to 30m, depending on wind and surf.
  • Level required: All divers, DSD possible there.
  • Description: Situated just 3km east from Tulamben bay. The best way to enjoy Seraya is to go very slowly and look and sneak into every crack and rock to find the treasures that this site beholds. Seraya is made from a steep black sand slope with many blotches of rocks, all inhabited by various amazing creatures and critters. Looking around for the cool small stuff will keep you occupied for hours.


  • Advantages: No boat needed, easy access, little to no current, shallow enough to not have to consider bottom time as an issue.
  • Activities: Marine biology, Night diving, Orientation, Photography, Dive training
  • Marine Life: Harlequin shrimps, many species of morays, cleaner shrimps, pygmy seahorse, devil scorpion fish, boxer crabs, orang-utan crabs, frog fish, sea moths, zebra lionfish, cuttlefish, sea horses, and even the rare mimic octopus!