Nusa Penida

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S.D Point

  • Dive Type: Drift, Deep, Reef, Pelagic
  • Max Depth: 30m+
  • Avg Depth: 10m-18m
  • Visibility: 15m-20m
  • Level required: Open Water / CMAS*, some drift diving experience is better since this dive is pretty much ensured to end up as a drift.
    Description: The boat will attach itself to the mooring, you will go in and down pretty quickly. Get transported along the hard coral that plateaus down to 12m and then steeply slopes very deep. Enjoy the view!


  • Advantages: Drift dives have the advantage that as long as you stay close to the reef, you shouldn’t actually need to do anything but get transported along by the current!
  • Activities: Video, Fish ID
  • Marine Life: It goes from the scorpionfish, the large puffer, large schools of damsels, anthias or single parrotfish, unicorn surgeons to large pelagics such as oceanic sharks (Thresher shark for example), turtles, napoleons and so on. In the shallower parts you will see many coral fish swimming low and close to their coral homes!