Nusa Penida

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Manta Point

  • Dive Type: Manta sighting
  • Max Depth: 15m-18m
  • Avg Depth: 8m-10m
  • Visibility: 10m-20+m, just depends on the strength of the swell.
  • Level required: Open Water / CMAS*, some more experience beyond the course dives is preferred due to possible strong swell.


  • Description: Once you have gone round south Nusa Penida island and gotten close to the two offshore rocks, there is a small, slightly protected bay where the whole fun begins. Roll off the boat and let yourself sink to 12m and follow the patch of sand towards the island and find the cleaning station, which is a rounded rock with its summit around 7m deep, swim around it, towards the east or towards the west and come back to the cleaning station. Beware of other groups of divers…
  • Advantages: The one spot in Bali where sighting manta rays can almost certainly be guaranteed! Exceptional dive site if the mantas are there.
  • Activities: Photo, Video, Using up your entire SD card on a single 30 minute video because you loved it so much!
  • Marine Life: Manta rays! A fair load of Blue-spotted stingrays as well, the very occasional eagle ray, some porcupinefish and puffers, surgeons and so on but that’s clearly not the interest…