Gili Tepekong Canyon

  • Dive Type: Wall, Drift, Shark, Thrill
  • Max Depth: 30m+
  • Avg Depth: 20m
  • Visibility: 20+m usually
  • Level required: Advanced Open Water / CMAS** at the very minimum, you will need some experience in drift diving and show proof of 40+ dives.
  • Description: Go down along the east side of Tepekong island where a very steep slope awaits you. It is easy to see where to go in: about 20m to the left of the stairs to go up to the temple on the island. From there head south and downslope, a group of boulders at 20m-25m tell you that you are soon going to enter the Canyon. The Canyon itself is a small amphitheatre, where if you sit at around 15-20m, you could just stay there and look at the surrounding fauna for ages. If the conditions are right you could go seawards, where white tips live on the 30m mark and around the offshore pillars and finish on the northern, protected site. There isn’t much ground to cover but the interest of the dive is to enjoy the  ‘swirling show’.


  • Advantages: Large animals! Very good chance of getting a thrill out of the dive.
  • Activities: Shark sighting, Photo
  • Marine Life: A very high chance of seeing Whitetip reef sharks, sweetlips are always around on the side of the slope, batfish, jacks, snappers, a large Napoleon wrasse and a resident bumphead parrotfish lives beyond the first pinnacle offshore.