Gili Mimpang

  • Dive Type: Wall, reef, photo, video, shark, deep
  • Max Depth: 30+m
  • Avg Depth: 15m-18m
  • Visibility: 20m to 25m
  • Level required: Open Water / CMAS*, Advanced OW or CMAS** preferred due to sharks living around the 25m-30m mark.
  • Description: Gili Mimpang is also known as Batu Tiga; meaning the three rocks, and Mimpang is exactly that: 3 rocks sticking out of the water aligned from north to south. You will go down the most northern one along a mooring and head south towards the richer southern part where you will encounter the Whitetip reef sharks patrolling. During the right season you will also, with a bit of luck, encounter the Mola-Mola around that area. Large pelagic fish like this dive site due to a large amount cold up swell coming from the south of Bali and the continuous flow of current. If there is a lot of current, you will just come back once the sharks have been seen and surface between the second and the third rocks. If current is easy you can go round the third rock and visit the wall beyond the point.


  • Advantages: The site is an excellent place to see sharks or the unusual wobbegong and mola mola in season!
  • Activities: Photography, Deep, Search for the unusual
  • Marine Life: Whitetip reef sharks! If in season the mola-mola can be seen there… as well as the wobbegong… The coral catshark lives there, stingrays, schooling banner fish, large pelagics such as tuna, trevallies… Moray eels, octopus, large schools of batfish, triggerfish and a lot more!