Nusa Penida

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Crystal Bay

  • Dive Type: Reef, Ambiance, 
  • Max Depth: Deep…
  • Avg Depth: 20m
  • Visibility: 25+m usually
  • Level required: Advanced Open Water / CMAS**, some more experience is preferred due to possible strong swell, as well as up and downcurrents.


  • Description: The bay has an island in the middle. Start the dive close to the island and facing Penida, go down along the sandy slope with the gradually growing wall on your right hand, usually starting shallow and going deeper as you swim, always look hard for signs of downcurrents. Go around the edge of the rock, look for the molas and come back up towards the entry point (which is also the exit point) swimming above the ledge you swam along on the way there. Some good to very good coral life is present there.
  • Advantages: Best place for the mola-mola sighting, good visibility, great fish life beyond the main interest.
  • Activities: Mola-mola sighting, Photo, Video, Fish ID, Orientation
  • Marine Life: The world famous mola-mola (oceanic sunfish), very large groupers, bamboo sharks, blue-fin trevallies, scorpionfish, leaf-scorpionfish, spiny devilfish, very interesting nudibranchs, octopus. There is a resident green frogfish living upside down on a bommies at the 30m mark