Nusa Lembongan

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» Blue Corner (Ental Pt)

Blue Corner (Ental Pt)

  • Dive Type: DRIFT!!
  • Max Depth: 30m+
  • Avg Depth: 20m-25m
  • Visibility: 15m-25m
  • Level required: Advanced Open Water / CMAS**, some experience in drift diving is required and at least 30+ dives in the logbook too.


  • Description: You want the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime? Yes? This is the dive site you want to go to! The dive starts just at the end of Mangrove, go down to 15-20m and let yourself drifted along the rugged bottom, go down further and stay around 25m to 30m, turn left on the corner (don’t worry about knowing where, the current will tell you!) and stay on the upper part of the large ledge present there, finish your dive swimming towards the inner part of Lembongan bay where some coral growth is enjoyable…
  • Advantages: You want adrenaline? At least here, the advantage is that you will get it! The strong current means a lot of pelagic fish living around. It’s a good place to look for the mola-mola, sharks or the marbled stingray. 
  • Activities: Video, Fish ID, Drift
  • Marine Life: The mola-mola can be sighted there, large marbled stingrays inhabit these waters. Large schools of surgeons, fusiliers, rainbow runners, unicorns are present. Stingrays, morays and other sheltered reef fauna live in the inside area, towards which we swim by the end of the dive.